Few days ago, the row political scandal with a tremendous speed due to the available information technologies, stroke the country. We say ´the row scandal´ because Albania periodically and constantly, every few days, is facing various scandals varying from mere corruption affairs to power abuse. For the sake of the truth, all these political scandals seem to have overshadowed the pink scandals coming from the VIP milieu which are supposed to be entertaining. Thus here in Albania we are living with scandals and scandalous politicians.

To keep it short in few sentences the story is about a controversial left wing political leader in Albania, with a long history in the domestic political scene, well-known for his ¨flexibility¨ in doing alliances with the left as well as right wing parties, not forgetting his extremism in case his interests would be affected. The Vice Prime Minister Mr. Ilir Meta, can be called the petted kid of a hybrid governmental system that Berisha (the absolute leader of the right wing and government in Albania) bravely established after the problematic elections of 2009. Avoiding the details, this arrogant politician was captured in “candid camera” from a former good friend of him, doing some multimillion Leks affairs and accomplishing some personal favors with his partner in business, politics, government and social circles. Nonetheless due to personal conflicts his friend turned against and betrayed him. He opened his stomach revealing all the dirty business of his ´boss´. The debate was taking place in the media arena of televisions and daily papers while on the other side, us, the people were patiently listening and trying to comment a little...

This scandal, followed by harsh debates, had everything; was taking place ´live´, has intrigue, betrayal, broken corruptive affairs, personal vendetta and large political implications for the government in power. This is an event that will leave behind memories and why not for people to expect some reaction, change, remedy and punishment. This is what we think, we the public, tragic spectators of the routine dirty affairs done by the men in power that are fighting each!!! It is not that Albanians did not know about such things. Of course they did. In 20 years of democracy we know pretty well our leaders, with all their evils that although remain unpunished, are hard to be forgotten. But nonetheless is different to hear the crime from the mouth of the perpetrator...

In the same day, I and some friends of mine abandoned a very interesting documentary about the universe and our galaxy. Surprisingly, as in a ¨Champions League¨ match we set all together in front of the TV to watch this ´theater´ where the minister under attack was invited in his first confrontation with the journalists. He had to defend himself from the attacks, and was aiming to regain his ruined reputation.

Hahahahaha!!!…. How much fun, so hilarious. What a comedy! Endeavoring to cover with soil the stinking shit he left behind, the Vice Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, in the same time Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy, former Foreign Minister in the same time Head of Socialist Movement for Integration, Mr. Ilir Meta is talking bullshit and nonsense in real time, something that even the most successful comedy show would admire.... HAHAHA….
But after a while Ohhhhhh!!! what a desperation and frustration, disappointment, sadness and depression... this gangster with tie, is approaching all of us with no exceptions. Is he really thinking that can fool us all? Damn! He really believes that his bullshits would fit to Albanians and especially to his supporters. How much frustration and pain to hear the second most powerful statesman to approach you with the most absurd arguments and weak reasoning, aiming to legitimate the corruption, excusing dishonesty and institutionalizing theft and power abuse. Shame and sorrow for all the Albanians that were listening and being offended ´live´ in the national TV by the political elite in the country, decayed in wealth that amazingly pretending that ¨can pay with money¨ all the wrongdoings.
What about us. What do we feel. We are currently experiencing an emotional crisis... to laugh hysterically because the losers are getting fooled in their desperate efforts to save a piece of their precious reputation and moral, or to cry with our fate because such people lead us, managing our taxes, and paradoxically enforcing the rule of law and fighting corruption.
Sit in front of the TV, we continue to laugh and cry... and even arguing about if it is worth laughing or crying with this tragic comedy. This, because the history is being repeated. We seem entertained with this well-known political gangsta’ naked by the force of the truth. On the other hand we are exhausted and hardly bear the unserious behavior and nonsense of this leader who represents all of them who are ´baked and burned´ with corruptive scandals, but surprisingly continue to keep the highest governmental posts.
After the ´entertaining´ evening was finished, seems that the documentary about the universe and galaxy on the one hand and the political debate on the other, are astonishing linked because they share something in common: the distance – the Albanians are living in Earth and are being governed from the Sun which is absolutely unaffected by the gravitational force of Earth. Maybe it is time for us to leave back towards Mars, the place that we came thousands of years ago.
… 8 o’clock in the morning. The alarm clock screams. I wake up to go to work and my routine starts again as I left it a day ago. Want to remain untouched from the ongoing scandals and wish my life continue in the same path... but I am wrong because something is suffocating me, day after day... due to the ongoing raw scandals of our politicians who fool with the wealth of the their citizens, abuse national natural resources or in the worst case even gamble with the lives of Albanians.

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